The Family

The Family

Monday, February 4, 2013

Vienna, Austria

Through my travels I have found that two geographic regions have strong holds on me.

The first would be the eastern coast of the United States.

The second is Europe.

I think the history and culture of both places is a strong attraction for me.

I also love European streets and shops.

About seven years ago Matt's mom and I were on an Austria kick. Her cousin is a pilot and at one point we were talking about meeting up with him there as well.

I'm not sure what happened to those plans, but none of us have ever made that trip.

I've been reading a lot of Sally Clarkson's posts about her time in Austria as a missionary, and it has re-kindled my desire to travel to Vienna.

Matt thinks the children are too young to travel to Europe at this point. There are moments when I agree, then I'll hear someone talking about a trip to Europe with their young children that makes me want to renew my passport and hop on a plane, kids and all!


  1. We are in Vienna for a week right now with a four month old and a three year old. We were in Madrid before coming here. They have been to Panama, Colombia, and Canada as well, and we are taking them to London this summer. They are doing quite fine! If you wait, it might not ever happen.

  2. Yeah Kris Angel travel with children its kinda difficult but its great fun for children.!!!