The Family

The Family

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Enjoying Local Sporting Events

If one thing is for certain living in a college town it's that there is never a shortage of sporting events.

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon at the baseball game.

Today, Mattie and I, along with my grandmother, watched the softball team pulverize the opponent.

We started the game in the sun, but as the shade moved and the wind picked up we were icy cold. Luckily, some nearby folks had blankets to share. I've got to find the one Mattie had. It has a hood and places to tuck in hands.

Even as I type this, surrounded by quiet tucked into a cozy bed, Matt and Jack are at the arena for the men's basketball game.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Party

The kids celebrated Valentine's Day this past week with a group of friends from art class. I was too busy serving up chicken nuggets to stop and take pictures of the actual party. Here's what I did manage to snap a few shots of:

Valentine cards that were way too cute to pass up in CVS.

Playground fun after the party.

Heading home with bags full of cards, candy, stickers and tattoos.