The Family

The Family

Friday, February 1, 2013


Covered bridges, old barns and country roads that wind through idyllic New England towns.

I'm kicking off my February posts with Vermont because it's where we hope to visit next.

If all goes well with this year's income tax refund, we will fly to Stowe, Vermont in late spring and spend a week in a cottage in the woods. If it doesn't, it may be late summer before we make the trip.

I found this website for some cabins near Stowe.

I brought up the idea of traveling to Vermont back in September, right before we flew to Washington D.C. I guess Matt thought I was going to book it right away because he begged for a break.

Now, he's ready to go somewhere again, especially since we are going to try to make this a laid-back vacation instead of an activity-based trip. We hope to spend time relaxing and enjoying the outdoor areas near the cabin more than anything.

We will need to rent a car to get around, and I'm thinking it would be fun to drive to a few historic markers that Jack might get a kick out of - the birthplaces of former presidents Chester Alan Arthur (there's actually a bit of controversy about whether he was born in Vermont or Canada) and Calvin Coolidge.

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