The Family

The Family

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Alaskan Cruise

I've been on two cruises.

When I graduated from high school I went on a senior class trip to the Bahamas. It would probably be better to forget that trip.

About five years later I went with two friends on a cruise to Jamaica and Mexico. While it was a blast, I decided after that a cruise did not allow enough time to explore one particular place.

That's why I haven't been on one since.

But when it comes to touring Alaska, a cruise is probably the best option. The whole idea about visiting Alaska for me would be to travel as much as possible throughout the entire state in a short time period, and a ship would be the ideal way to do that.

Matt has never been on a cruise. I know he would love the midnight buffet. The unlimited food, in my opinion, is the best thing about a cruise. I tried escargot for the first time on a cruise and LOVED IT!

Years ago, my fourth grade teacher and her family spent part of a summer in Alaska. I wasn't too impressed at the time by all she had to tell us about the state. It's only as I've gotten older and been bitten by the travel bug that I think that would be a great way to spend a summer.

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