The Family

The Family

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Field Trip Fun

The past couple of weeks have been devoted field to trips. The trips, taken with our homeschool group, were informative, delightful and fun.

Several weeks ago we visited the Museum of East Alabama. I had to warn Jack ahead of time that this would not be a place where we would come across dinosaur bones or Egyptian relics.

My kids loved seeing all the old valuables of industry and labor from a time gone by. Their favorite portion - and mine- were the areas set up like old kitchens, dining rooms and music rooms. The look and smell of it all reminded me of my paternal grandparent's home. They died when I was in elementary school, so the nostalgia brought on by the items in this museum was a bit unexpected for me.
After the museum we walked with everyone to a nearby ice cream shop. We then proceeded next door where I ordered, for the first time, a cup of coffee that had no set price. In fact, the entire premise behind the coffee shop is for the consumers to determine what they think the cup of coffee in their hands is worth and pay just that. I stood there stunned for a moment and asked "what?" several times before setting on a price.

We also recently ventured to a local farm to tour their land and understand how today's farmers use irrigation systems to keep their crops thriving. 

Fossil Dig

I cannot tell you how many conversations start with: "Hey Jack, let me tell you something!" only to be followed by a reply like "Is it about dinosaurs?".

My answer is always no.

Until that one day about a month again when I said, "Hey Jack, let me tell you something!"

"Is it about dinosaurs?"


Well, come to find out, we didn't come across any dinosaur bones, but it was certainly in the realm of possibility.

On Saturday we went on a fossil dig outside of Birmingham, Ala., with a group called Fresh Air Family. While everyone in our group came away with fossils, they were more of the plant kind rather than animal kind.

That's not to say that animal fossils haven't been recovered at this site. It's just none of us found any that day.

No matter. My husband and kids were in paradise chipping away at the large stones and boulders.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Decorating Time

Today is Oct. 1. In this house that's a go for dragging out Halloween decorations and making this space dedicated to all things pumpkin and spooky for the next 31 days.