The Family

The Family

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Places to Return

Not every place on the travel wish list is somewhere we've never been. In fact, several are familiar places.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom in Orlando truly is a "magical" place. We went when Jack was 2 and are hoping to possibly go the week after Thanksgiving this year. Mattie will be 2 by then and at 6, Jack will still be young enough to enjoy it. Last time we went we bought a park-hopper pass and visited Epcot and Animal Kingdom as well. As great as that was, I'm thinking this time we'll spend the 3-4 days solely at Magic Kingdom.

New York

I feel at home here. I literally exhale in a dramatic fashion as if I'm finally able to breathe once my feet hit the pavement. I love the hustle and the heritage of the city. I can't wait for the children to be old enough to sit through plays and ballets. This is the place we're going when that day comes.


If there is any other city that compares to New York, it would be Paris. I love the history, the cafe culture and the food - bread, cheese, wine. The arrondissements are something I'm going to have to become more familiar with if we make it back. We went on an educational tour when we went to Paris before, so we had a guide. I would love to go back and stay in some swank hotel and explore the city and the Louvre, which could take days on its own, at our leisure.


This is a picture of the Bar Harbor Inn. We stayed here on our trip three years ago. Maine is somewhere Matt keeps saying he wants to re-visit. August was a great time to go, and, ideally, we'd like to go that time of year in the future. It's a wonderful town to take a stroll and to indulge in some lobster.

If money were no object, I'd go to all four places this year. But it is, so that's obviously not going to happen.

It is likely, however, we'll be going back to one if not more of these destinations before many of the other places I've posted about.

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