The Family

The Family

Saturday, May 28, 2016


We recently took a two-day trip to Memphis, Tenn., to stay at the historic Peabody Hotel and see the infamous duck walk.

I've said it before, but it's been a while so it's worth repeating: I'm a hotel kind of girl. I love, love, love a great hotel.

The ducks come down from their penthouse palace each day at 11 am and spend the day in the lobby fountain.

Then, each evening at 5 pm, the ducks head back up to their palace for the night.

It's quite the show!

And because two rowdy kids need more action than hanging out in a hotel lobby all day, we spent some time at the Memphis Zoo.

This is one awesome zoo. It might rank as the best zoo I've ever visited. Practically any animal species you can think of is at the Memphis Zoo. The vast feline species is quite impressive.

It was overcast and cool. In short, the perfect day to walk around a zoo.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Saturday in May

As this day comes to a close, I can't help but reflect on the beauty of it.

A morning antique shopping for the perfect bedroom table, chair, book shelf and table runner
The delightful aroma of fresh gardenias hand-picked from the back yard
Roses from the front yard
My very last first time making a pot of gumbo

Taking orders from my grandmother on pruning bushes

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


If you are looking for the perfect beach getaway, the small community known as Seaside is an ideal spot. Seaside, where most of the movie "The Truman Show" was filmed, is made up of colorful homes and great places to eat.

Once you are all checked in, you don't have to drive again until you leave for home. Unless, of course, you wanted to venture out and head down 30A for more of a choice in restaurants. But part of the allure of Seaside is that you don't care to leave because there are food trucks, shopping and fantastic restaurants all within walking distance.

Early May, before summer prices kick in, is an excellent time to visit. The weather is perfect; though the water is still on the cold side.

We went for a short weekend, but my sister-in-law, who actually booked the house we stayed in, is there for the entire week. We were happy to be along for the ride!

My children loved this trip for three special reasons: the ocean, the sand, the cousins.

Bud & Alley's is Seaside's best known restaurant, and for good reason.

It's upscale dining in a casual and fun atmosphere. They change the menu each time we visit. I have to say, I wasn't as pleased with the menu choices this time around, but their signature crab cakes made up for that.

Great Southern is just that: great and southern.

We ate dinner Sunday night and breakfast Monday morning there. For dinner Matt, Mattie and I shared a bowl of gumbo as an appetizer. I was impressed she was willing to try it. I was even more impressed she out ate Matt and me.

The kids enjoyed popcorn shrimp, while Matt and I both got fish. Grouper for me and mahi-mahi for him with sides like fried okra, creamed potatoes and black-eyed peas. Breakfast was equally good. Jack ordered the beignets (he had New Orleans and Cafe Du Monde on his mind!), Mattie got the Mickey Mouse shaped pancake and I enjoyed a classic pancake, egg and bacon breakfast. Because Matt veered from his usual steak and eggs breakfast order, I can't seem to remember what he ate.