The Family

The Family

Friday, March 8, 2013

When Momma Gets Sick

I've been visited this week by an unwelcome guest.

If anyone else out there has dealt with the norovirus, you know exactly what I mean.

Today is the first day since Tuesday that I haven't spent what seems like hours in the bathroom. I've never had a stomach bug that lasted longer than 24 hours before. This one is a beast.

I'm now just biding my time waiting for it to hit everyone else in this household. It's strange because it usually works the other way around: the kids bring home the nasty bugs to infect all the other family members.

Life as a mom is demanding and challenging enough, but when you throw sickness into the mix, it can feel downright unbearable.

Mattie has spent much more time screaming and crying this week. Jack has spent much more time glued to his DVD player and the I-pad.

And, to top it all off, no reading this week.

I did have to call in some reinforcements a couple of times. Thank goodness for wonderful family members, including my sweet husband, that have picked up much of the slack.

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