The Family

The Family

Sunday, March 3, 2013

National Geographic

They came in the mail last week.

Three month's worth of National Geographic, each bearing his name.

I got the idea from a site called Little Passports, a monthly subscription that teaches kids about geography. At first I was going to subscribe to it and pay the monthly fee.

A few days later it hit me. Wouldn't Jack get just as much out of a subscription to the holy grail of geography?

As cute and fun as Little Passports seems, National Geographic has been teaching THE WORLD about the subject for years - 125 to be exact.

I thought about ordering the kid's version, but in the end decided to go with the original.

The pictures are super cool. Today we flipped through February's edition and learned a whole lot about snake venom and river otters.

His favorite so far almost prevented me from keeping my breakfast down earlier this week.

January's edition had pictures of animal scat (aka POOP). I kid you not, there was a whole chart that listed the contents and texture of the poop. He kept asking me to identify which scat belonged to which animal and what it contained, all while I was trying to swallow my pancakes.

He's discovered a map of the continents on Matt's I-Pad, so I'm thinking about using that next time he's going through the magazine to show him where the animals or buildings in the pictures are located.

For $15, a subscription to National Geographic is a good way to travel around the world while sitting on your couch.

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  1. Hilarious! I'll have to get him to show me the January issue! Lol