The Family

The Family

Friday, March 1, 2013

Partied Out

In the past month there's been a taste-testing party, two children's clothing shows, two jewelry shows, a mother-daughter tea party that I hosted here at the house, a shower for a couple getting married and a Duck-Dynasty themed birthday party.

Matt and I dressed up as Jase and Missy from the reality show Duck Dynasty - our cute photo bomber in the background
I don't think I've been to that many parties in a month since I was in college!

While I'm give out at this point, not to mention running low on funds, it was nice to enjoy the adult company and conversation that is often lacking at this point in our lives.

Life as a mom, especially a homeschooling mom, can be isolating. Match those things with introversion, a love to stay home and a natural tendency to be withdrawn and you sometimes end up downright lonely.

Being surrounded by the people I love most in this world everyday is a blessing, but I still crave girl talk and female companionship.

It just seems there is so little time for it during this season in life.

That's why these parties this past month were such a treat. Attending many of them was me making the effort to make more time for friendships, both old and new.

I also found that February is a great time to party and keep the mid-winter blues at bay.

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