The Family

The Family

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When It's Not More You're in Search Of

Too many times I've gulped the waters from the cup of this world and been left with the bitter aftertaste.

In a week, month, year when I've been searching for so many answers and doubting much, I've begun to question the worldly notion about getting more out of life.

What if it's really less we're after?

Less rushing?

Less anger?

Less fretting, especially over the multitude of things we can't control?

Less yelling?

Less time apart?

Less blame?

Less sweating over the small stuff?

Less self-loathing?

Less time on Facebook?

Less hostility?

Less pain?

Less regret?

Less disease?

Less disaster?

Less poverty?

Less injustice?

Less red tape?

Less extremism?

In a world where the cliche that less is more doesn't often ring true, it's a mantra I'm ready to loudly applaud.

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