The Family

The Family

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Note on Where We Stayed

There's no limit to places one can stay while on a beach trip in Gulf Shores.

The tricky part is finding a place with the right amount of space, especially when four families are involved.

This trip was organized by a friend, so she did all the planning and booking.

I didn't envy her task.

We ended up staying in this four bedroom, three bath house on the beach.

This was the only picture I snapped, and I did it as we played on the beach our final day. There was too much luggage and stuff strewn about for me to take pictures of the inside to do it justice.

The picture makes the space look bigger than it was. There are two units to this one house. We all stayed on the right-hand side, while the owner of the property was on the left.

Each family had its own room, which meant mom, dad and two kids had to sleep in the same room for all involved.

I'm used to sleeping with my kids in the bed, so that part wasn't new for us. It was just the size of the bed that made it a bit difficult.

To make it fair, everyone drew numbers for room assignments. Lucky us, we ended up with the smallest bed.

Oh well, someone had to get it.

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