The Family

The Family

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Uncle and Me

Each tried to outdo the other.

My brother told a story. The little man followed with a story of his own. Then it was my brother again, followed by another story from the little man.

This went on for at least an hour. It likely continued well after that, but I had to get a baby to sleep and missed whatever followed.

This was bonding in a way that can’t be planned or scheduled. The memory of last night will stick with both.

My middle brother lives in Texas, and we don’t get to see him much because of the distance. The little man has been around him only a handful of times.

It was a delight for me to watch and listen to my son talk so openly and play so freely with my brother.

They asked each other questions. They laughed at what the other said, even when it wasn’t funny. They got to know each other.

That made up for a lot of distance.

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