The Family

The Family

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Pink Piano

It wasn’t what we set out to find.

We went antique shopping today looking for a headboard for the little boy’s bedroom.  We plan to change his truck-themed room into a dinosaur-themed room for his upcoming birthday. In an effort to get him to sleep more in his own bed, we’ve decided to get him a full-size bed (one that provides enough room for one parent to help him fall asleep). I’m on the hunt for something dark and classic that he can use throughout the years.

We had no luck with the bed, but did find something completely unexpected. 

This miniature pink piano

The instant I saw it I knew it was perfect.

Perfect for her size.

Perfect for her room.

Perfect for a baby girl that loves to dance to the music.

As soon as we got it home both children began banging away on the keys. I was in another room and could hear them laughing at the sounds and each other.

This glorious melody of music and laughter filled our home with its sweet rhythm.

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