The Family

The Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Believe in Jesus

He spoke four words.

It started as a conversation about what seemed like nothing at the time. Then it turned in to questions about Jesus. That's when he said, “I believe in Jesus.”

What do you say in return to a son that has spoken some of the most important words he’s ever said.

I didn't want to mess up the moment with careless words spoken in haste, so I said nothing.

That's because nothing was more important than what he had just said.

My heart and eyes welled up with tears of joy as I hugged him.

Ever since I read the book “Together: Growing Appetites for God” by Carrie Ward, I had been asking for God to open all of our hearts to his presence.

I knew this was one of those moments.

They were four words spoken at bedtime when he's most willing to pour out his heart.

It's made me think twice about shushing him to get to sleep. Who knows what else he wants to tell me?

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