The Family

The Family

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Think She's Teething

I've been saying "I think she's teething" for six months now.

No new teeth have come in.

She cut those two cute bottom teeth around the six-month mark, but nothing since.

When she doesn't sleep well at night I usually say it to my husband first thing the next morning.

When she's ill, I'll ask anyone that might be standing nearby, "I wonder if her gums are bothering her?"

Anytime a family member is around and she puts anything in her mouth, which is a lot, I hear "She must be cutting another tooth."

Last night was a rough night. She woke at least seven times.

She's got to be teething????

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  1. We said that about Aidan so many times! He got his teeth so slowly, I always thought he was teething and then no teeth!