The Family

The Family

Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Bash

I've got to start assigning someone to camera duty.

I have so few pictures from holidays and birthdays because I ALWAYS forget to take any.

Baby girl's birthday party last weekend was no exception. I have no pictures of her with family or friends. I have no images of the festivities or colorful flowers on each table. I have nothing of her opening presents:(

Thankfully, my mind was clear enough before everyone arrived to know I would forget to take pictures. I managed to snap a few shots of the fabulous cupcakes and smash cake my sister-in-law, my youngest brother's wife, made.

Unfortunately for baby girl, a dairy allergy kept her from digging into the cake. Her brother had a milk allergy as well at that age, but outgrew it around two. I'm hoping the same will happen for her, and she'll be able to enjoy one of her aunt's homemade cakes next year!

I also got a shot of the birthday girl before everyone arrived.

Thank goodness for my brother. He found my camera right before we lit the candle and took some pics of her in her cute birthday hat and bloomers:)

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