The Family

The Family

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Today was a day to be inside.

The temperature here read 103 degrees at one point.

Even though we were indoors, it was warm everywhere we went.

In church this morning we had one service. Considering our church ususally has 4-5 services every Sunday, the sanctuary was packed.

We sat in the balcony, and it was toasty up there. Everywhere I looked people were fanning themselves with the church bulletin.

After church we went to eat, and I couldn't get enough to drink. As soon as we finished lunch we strolled down to a corner store for some lemonade.

We then loaded into the sweltering car and headed to the movie theater.

I'd decided earlier in the week to wait until today to go see the movie "Brave."  I usually like taking the children to a movie on a Tuesday for the $1.50 coke and popcorn deal, but we didn't have time earlier in the week. Plus, going on a Sunday meant the hubby could go with us and it would be a family movie day.

After seeing the movie trailer, I assumed this was another twist on a young girl challenging authority and asserting her independence.

It was so much better than that.

The plot began in that direction, but later turned into a touching mother-daughter relationship story.

In fact, the moral of this story centered around family bonds and the deception of living for and being too wrapped up in one's self.

Although I was sweating throughout most of the movie (the air was not working well and baby girl was asleep in my lap almost the whole movie), it was a terrific movie for a hot summer day.

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