The Family

The Family

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Life Well Lived

One of the only news programs I watch is CBS Sunday morning. You could say that it has become a Sunday morning fixture in our home. If I don't turn it on, the hubby will.

I began watching this program in graduate school when a professor encouraged us to tune in. It's a fantastic show about culture: pop culture, high culture, and low culture.

As many of my students can tell you, I often show clips from this show in class to demonstrate points I want to make. I sometimes show a clip in hopes that their young minds will experience the thrill of understanding that life is often best lived when they make choices based on their interests and passions rather than money or expectations.

This morning, one of the profiles was a piece that aired on 60 Minutes a few years back. It was shown again today because the man in the story, Herb Vogel, recently passed away.

While his name is probably not recognizable, his story is worth sharing. It's a tender story about a couple that lived their life dedicated to hard work, a passion for art and each other.;lst;1

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