The Family

The Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinosaur Heaven

I thought we'd spend the day recuperating from our long drive. To me, this meant washing several loads of clothes at the campsite laundromat and then walking the grounds. To the little boy, it was all about seeing some dinosaurs.

Upon realizing that the Dinosaur Park was only a couple of miles from our cabin, we piled back into the car.

Not even an upset stomach was going to keep him from this today!

There are five green dinosaurs sitting atop a hill in Rapid City, SD

Meet the Allosaurus

Sitting on the head of a triceratops

This is just a portion of the city seen from the hill
I'm sure this place stays packed with tourists on warm days like today climbing the long flight of steps to make it to the top.

Many a child has had a wonderful day at this place.

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