The Family

The Family

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Truth of an Image

Pictures don't always tell the real story.
They often show smiles when moments before angry words were exchanged.

They miss the mom behind the camera who might have just ruined the moment, and many before, by griping and complaining.

The don't show a little boy’s anger and frustration after getting in trouble for about the tenth time that day.

They don’t show the anguish this mom felt as she took these pictures because she couldn’t get that Facebook post from the night before out of her mind. It was the one where a new dad asked for prayers because his seven-week old daughter had died that Thanksgiving morning - you know those posts that leave you confused, doubting, aching and asking why, Why, WHY? What is the meaning of something so horrible?

The camera misses that.

But when the shutter snaps on the real moments of joy, laughter and love, it’s priceless.

There's the tiny dog lover getting kisses from the poodle.

There’s a brother and sister gleefully falling into the grass after endless rounds of Ring-Around-the-Rosie.

There’s the perfect sunset in Pensacola and peace within before a family gathers to share a meal.

There’s a walk through the trees with a daughter and a husband.

There’s gratitude, even after Thanksgiving is over. Even while thinking about those parents that likely buried their precious daughter today. Even while knowing today was flawed and messy. Even though gratitude isn’t always felt in the moment, but it piles into a great big heap of blessings when looking at the truth in the images at the end of the day.

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