The Family

The Family

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm That Girl

...that loves pop music.

...who seeks and desires to do what is right, but often falls short.

...that desperately wants to be creative, but is so not.

...who homeschools her kids and is still worried what others think of it.

...who was probably not very nice to you in high school, but has regretted it a thousand times since.

...that lets her kids sleep in her bed.

...who is awkward with small talk.

...that often gets on her high horse and speaks before thinking it all through.

...who once clung to the lie that it was possible to have it all.

...that blushes easily.

...who fights feelings of anger and resentment daily.

...that was terrified to have kids because of a poor relationship with her own mother.

...that is trying to hold tight to the joy and bliss of having two children rely on her for almost every need instead of focusing on the stress and, oftentimes, overwhelming nature of motherhood.

...whose tears don't come as easily as they once did, but sometimes wishes they would so that she might know this world hasn't done damage beyond repair.

...that still loves slasher movies.

...whose voice and hands shake when nervous.

...whose age says she's no longer a girl, but will always be a girl at heart.

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