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The Family

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Khan Academy

One of my brothers sent me a link a few days ago to an interesting Forbes Magazine article. The article was talking about a man named Salman Khan and his website that offers free tutorials on everything from math and science to US history and art history plus a WHOLE LOT more.

The site is a wonderful resource for any student AND any parent!

If you homeschool, it's a a great way to save money on curriculum. Most of the content is geared toward junior high and high school level subjects, but the math tutorials cover everything from basic addition to trigonometry.

The number line tutorial was incredibly helpful for me as I've been attempting to work on math with a kindergartener. We used the number line this week and found it to be more interactive and FUN for the little boy than just trying to memorize 2+2=4.

It's also a relief to this math-terrified momma to know there's a credible site that might prove valuable in the future when we get to the many things that are over my head when it comes to equations, variables and all that fun stuff.

The site is geared toward anyone with a need or desire to learn, not just home educators. I honestly don't think that's what Khan had in mind when he created the site, even though it works to our advantage.

Say your public-schooled child is struggling with her chemistry homework and you have no clue how to help. This site might provide the guidance and instructions you both need.

Say your private-schooled child did great in Algebra, but now he can't keep up with or understand his calculus teacher's explanations or teaching methods. This site might offer instructions on how to solve problems that he can understand.

So check out Khan Academy and see what you think!

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