The Family

The Family

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to the Library

Moby Dick almost did me in. After reading every single word aloud, I needed a major break from reading with the little boy.

So, we spent a lot of time re-discovering his books this past month. I mostly let him flip through and look at the pictures.

We got back on track last week with a visit to the library. He, of course, wanted to start over with the series of president books we finished about the same time as Moby Dick.

We also enjoyed reading some spooky stories to coincide with Halloween this week. I love ghost stories at this time of year and so does he!

A few of Jack Prelutsky’s silly poems have helped us get back into our daily reading groove as well.

And, we started another classic!

We’re reading the first of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring.” While I question how much he truly absorbs when I read books like this aloud, I know some is sinking in. I heard him mention something about hobbits to my father-in-law when he was at the house on Sunday.

As my husband often reminds me, he’s probably taking in more than I think.

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