The Family

The Family

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ocean Therapy

The smell of saltwater.

The white sand glistening in the sun.

And the food. Oh, the food. Louisiana Lagniappe last night and Fisherman's Wharf  tonight. To our delight, the little boy found the sharks hanging from the ceiling and the saltwater fish tank at Fisherman's Wharf to be even better than his popcorn shrimp.

While I still love a good seafood restaurant, I don't desire coming to the beach to bake in the sun as I did in my teenage and college years.

These days, I yearn for the serenity and calm of sitting beside the ocean and being able to just BE with my children with no demands on my time.

It's moments with a precious daughter leaning against me and squealing with delight as the cold waves gently break on her feet. 

It's the little boy digging to China and back.

And when that little boy asks if God is bigger than all of the waves and the endless sand and the creatures in this vast ocean, I know he is seeing it all so clearly. This life and all that it entails is the true marvel.

"Let us bless the Lord God living and true! Let us always render him praise, glory, honor, blessing, and all good things! Amen. Amen. So be it! So be it!"
                                                                                                         -St. Francis of Assisi

For this is what it's all about. This blog, these trips, this life. Not just this week or this month, but always thankful for the blessings, whether they are overflowing or barely noticeable, and giving thanks to the God who has done wonderful things.

And blessed to spend two days in Destin making memories with their grandmother. Blessed to have such wonderful and generous people in our lives that let us stay in their condo for free. Blessed to be together. Blessed to be reminded of the greatness of it all. 

Blessed to be a mother and know what love truly is.

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