The Family

The Family

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Slow Pace

The mother with her daughter and two sons.

The three college students armed with cameras to capture autumn.

The girl with purple hair riding her bike.

The man and woman standing to our right and trying, like the little boy, to coax the turtles to the surface, but drawing only fish nibbles to the stale bread.

The young, college-aged couple sitting on the swing.

The elderly couple and their friend.

The group that I can only assume was having a family reunion.

And us, just trying to do what matters most in life.

Like taking time to sift through the gravel.

Or catching a ride on the top of the world.

Like chuckling to a Prairie Home Companion in the car on the way to the park.

Or missing church because time got away from us, but still being able to listen to the sermon at home on the radio as I lay my head on my husband's chest to hear Brother George's message on loneliness that brought on a slow stream of tears.

Like stopping to hold my daughter's hand.

Or playing Legos and reading with my son.

It's moments like this, when I allow the day to set its own slow pace, that the loneliness that often creeps up on a tired and busy mother is best held at bay. These days of making sure we do a lot of "nothing" together helps better prepare my heart and mind for the busy days ahead and all that those days will bring.

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