The Family

The Family

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Beach (in November?)

For all the preparation travel requires, and the weariness that can follow a trip, one of the many benefits is breaking the going-through-the-motions cycle that is a frequent contributor here in motherville.

It's been in full swing for two weeks, and a change of pace and scenery is needed to help me re-focus before the rush and madness of the holiday season officially begins.

I’m unable, and quite honestly unwilling at times, to respond to all the voices that surround me. I love his stories and multitude of questions, and I love that she now calls me “mommy,” but I’m distracted by much. Let's see, the grading overload that always accompanies the end of a semester, the sadness of a family falling apart, trying to keep up with everyone else's life on Facebook, not to mention the endless cleaning and cooking. 

Sound familiar?
I’m hoping that sitting in the cool gulf sand as the wind whips around us will charge my battery and mind.

It may not all go as planned (does it ever?). We've had one serious derailment already with a second looming in the background. 

I hope by Monday or Tuesday I'll be writing about castles in the sand.

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