The Family

The Family

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday

He’s growing up and taking my heart with him.
Today he turned five.
How can this be?

Is doesn't seem possible that time could have passed so quickly. I usually don't cry on his birthday, but this evening I did.

Maybe it's the realization that in another five years he will be ten. If these five years have already slipped by, it won't be long before another five and then another five and then another five have elapsed as well.

This past year has moved especially fast. Adding another baby to the mix tends to have that effect.  In becoming a big brother he matured more than I could have imagined. His love for the sister he affectionately calls Boopsie is so pure, protective and fierce.

Having a sibling has brought out a more joyful side in him too. He’s less cautious around others. While still shy and unwilling to immediately join in the conversation, he's quicker to relax and open up.

He’s my first born, the one that taught me the real meaning of love. I thought I knew before, but I had no clue what the all-encompassing, never-ending, willing-to-lay-down-my-own-life kind of love felt like. 
It’s a wonderful thing having a son. It’s a wonderful thing being his mother. 

I've never been the mother of a five year old before. These are new and exciting waters for me.

He and I enter this new territory together dailly. While he is finding out what it means to be a rambunctious and inquisitive boy of five, I am learning (or trying to learn) more about patience and gentleness in being the mother of this extra sensitive soul.

I hope and pray that the next five years are as wonderful as these first five have been.

The only difference I would wish for is the slower passage of time. I think all parents cling to that desire.

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