The Family

The Family

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Been A Long Time

The hubby and I did something last night we hadn't done since before baby girl was born.

We went out to eat without any children.

I was wanting to try a new restaurant - new to us even though it's been open for months. We stopped by one Saturday for lunch, but when I looked at the menu and realized the brunch was probably not something the little boy would eat, I vowed to return.

We ended up making it a double date with the hubby's sister and her boyfriend. Going out with her was something else we hadn't done in a long time.

My favorite thing we ordered ended up being our appetizer. It was a batch of homemade fried pork skins. They arrived at our table warm and still crackling. Yum!

The food was good, but re-connecting with each other was better.

I'd like to say we will make this a monthly habit, but I know better. Football season starts soon and the Saturday nights we aren't at a game we'll either be out of town or at home watching an out-of-town game.

Oh well. I'll take these nights out whenever I can get them. Even if it ends up being only once a year.

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