The Family

The Family

Friday, August 24, 2012

Not Part of the Plan

It’s a real charge being with like-minded individuals and talking about things you have in common. That’s true for almost anything: a good book or movie, delicious food, shopping, sports. It's also true for homeschooling.

We spent the morning at a local park playing with and getting to know other homeschooling families in our area.

The beginnings of homeschooling can be overwhelming. There's so much to think about. Luckily, I've come across some great blogs, websites and books this past year. Those things helped get my mind moving in the right direction, yet something was missing. Finding the local support group and getting linked up with families in our area that also homeschool was that missing piece. It helps to be with others that have been in your shoes at the beginnings of homeschooling and those moms that know what a typical day is like for a homeschooling parent (meaning there is no typical day). 

If you would have asked me about homeschooling before I had kids I would have rolled my eyes and made some snide remark about hovering, over-protective parents and anti-social kids. I had my children’s entire lives planned out and homeschooling was not part of the plan. That was until I actually had children.  A lot of things, including me and my false perceptions about homeschooling, changed.
We live in a small university community that is actually packed full with homeschoolers. I realize homeschooling in a university town probably sounds like an oxymoron.  At first glance it might appear the two educational concepts are polar opposites. However, I think it’s because education is so important to so many people in this town that a number of us affiliated with the university have chosen to homeschool.

My decision is in no way a negative reflection of the local public and private schools in our area. Both are great, and I have good friends that send their kids to school in both systems as well as friends that teach in the public school system here in town and throughout the state.
It’s just I've always kinda liked the idea of social movements and marching to the beat of a different drum, which in many ways define homeschooling .
Ultimately, I’ve decided to homeschool because it feels right to me. I know many people won’t agree or will be concerned that I’m depriving my children, but I’ve learned to listen to and obey the call of God more in the past five years than ever before, and this was a definite calling.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the other families and having those that have gone down this road ahead of me steer us in the right direction.
I’m also excited to share some of the things we’ll be doing throughout the fall as homeschoolers and with folks from the support group.

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  1. It's amazing how we eat our words some times. I've learned to never say "never" when it comes to my family and home. I know you'll enjoy educating your children. While it can be challenging (as any parenting can be), it's totally worth it. In the long run, it's pretty fun too!