The Family

The Family

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nanny's New Pool

That splash was created by a little boy that has always been too afraid to jump into a pool. That was until yesterday. It was our first visit to Nanny's house since the pool was completed, and the little boy is ready for more.

Yesterday was a big, and fun, step for him. Not only did he jump in numerous times, but he wore swimmies for the first time as well. I had never been able to talk him into putting them on, but he was excited to wear them yesterday. It was a reminder that he will do things in his own time no matter how much coaxing, begging, pleading or asking comes from me.

While he's got a good mix of my anxious personality and my husband's reluctance to try new things, it's the opposite for this little priss.

On more than one occasion she attempted to walk right into the water. She also tried to swallow the entire contents of the pool.

In all fairness, I should say the pool belongs to Nanny and Papa OD. I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings by giving the impression the pool belongs only to Nanny:)

I have a feeling that next summer, we'll be spending a lot of weekends at the in-laws.

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  1. I love, love, love the swimsuit with the tiny tutu!