The Family

The Family

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Semester

Working at a university means you live life in semesters.

I make decisions about trips, activities and everyday life based on my scheduled class times and the time between each semester.

I figured the beginning of the upcoming semester would be a good time to start another online class through Open Yale (

During the summer I listended to lectures on the history of France. I'm currently reading a wonderful autobiography that was assigned for that class (I'll be blogging about it soon!). The class got me thinking about planning a France trip.

This time, I decided to go with an economics class. Economics is not my strong suit, so I was worried the content might be over my head. While I've only listened to one lecture, and it was the introduction to the course, I was able to keep up and understand what the professor, Robert J. Shiller, said.

The class is titled Financial Markets 2011. The hubby came in when I was going through the session list and laughed.

"You're doing a finance class," he asked quite amused.

"Yes," I said with a mix of defiance and uncertainty.

"Sounds good," he replied.

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