The Family

The Family

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Places to Eat While in St. Augustine

The hubby liked the fort. The little boy loved the alligator farm. I liked the food.

One of my favorite parts about traveling is finding great places to eat, and it's super easy to find the best places with the Yelp app.

All the food we had was good, but there are three places that stood out.

1. The Floridian
This place is located on Cordova Street and was so good that we went two nights in a row. The little boy got the kid's fried shrimp both nights. The hubby got swordfish both nights, but they were different dishes. The first night I had the meatloaf sandwich. I've found that when a new, hip restaurant has meatloaf on the menu, it's usually worth ordering. This sandwich, with the cilantro mayo, was delicious. It came with a side salad with a homemade vinaigrette. The second night I went for the vegan dish, a black bean and
sweet potato burger. I'm a meat lover, so the meatloaf was my favorite of the two. The cool thing about this place was that there were a number of dishes that cater to the meat lover, the vegetarian and the vegan. Our first night we sat outside and struck up a conversation with the couple behind us. It turns out that the guy's brother owned the restaurant. When his parents arrived a bit later, his dad was so eager to show us how good the chicken waffles were that he offered me the food off his wife's plate. I politely declined, but the chicken waffles did look tasty.

2.  Sea Oats Caffe - I didn't misspell cafe. That's how this diner spells it. We were riding around looking for places to eat lunch, and we pulled into a strip mall to turn around. The hubby stopped so I could check out what Yelp said was nearby. The first recommendation was this place, right where we were. I would have ignored it if it hadn't of been for the recommendation promising it was not the typical strip mall kind of place. It was a local favorite that served breakfast and lunch. We all had sandwiches for lunch and ventured back to this place the next two days for breakfast. There's nothing like a good diner breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes and coffee to get your day started right.

3. The Hyppo

This gourmet popsicle shop (yes, I said gourmet popsicle) had funky flavors like strawberry basil, pineapple cilantro and even a mango habanero, among other things. We're plain kind of folks, so we stuck with basic strawberry. These popsicles were thick, cold and sweet. It was a healthy dessert after lunch our last day in town.

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