The Family

The Family

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Note on Where We Stayed

I could get used to waking up to this view!

Lest you think all we did was stay in the car traveling from site to site, here are some pictures of the lakeside house we rented while in Vermont. We actually spent a lot of time outdoors at the house letting the children run and play in the enormous yard.

The house is on Lake Champlain in the small town of West Addison.

There were steps leading to the water below. Jack had a blast playing down there with all the rocks. There were even kayaks, canoes and paddle boats that came with the rental. I'm sad to report we didn't get a chance to venture into the water.

For those of you that read my Vermont post in February, you might be wondering what happened to the original idea. Turns out it was a bit more expensive than we had hoped. So once again I checked and found a listing for this place.

It just might be the best deal I've ever gotten on a vacation rental. There was so much space, and the views were wonderful from every room in the house.

We had a window over our bed and were able to look out into the night sky as we dozed off to sleep. There was also a large basement equipped with a pool and ping pong tables as well as many other games.

The best part about this rental was that there was a spring special that allowed four nights for the price of three!!

While I could get used to the views and the fresh air, two things I probably couldn't handle would be the cold winters and the massive spiders - we killed six monsters within 24 hours and four others escaped our grasp. I know, I know, everything has its place in the ecosystem. I just don't like that place to be so close to my head as I sleep.

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