The Family

The Family

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'll Love You Forever

I can't get through the book without sobbing. Sometimes I make it to the third page before it starts. Mostly, the tears begin on page one.

If you are a boy mom, this book is a must.

My grandmother gave it to me when Jack was an infant.

Seeing as I can barely make it through the book, I attempt reading it aloud only once or twice a year.

When Jack was a baby, it was the many new emotions that come with being a mom - the deepest and most pure love a person can ever know - that got me. As he gets older, it's knowing how fast time has passed. It's as if the turning of each page makes the boy in the story grow quicker and that this rapid pace mimics time passing as my own son grows.

Even as I type this I can't keep my eyes from welling with tears. It's a beautiful story of a mother's unending love for her child that is as heartfelt as love itself.

The writer eloquently captures a mother's heart and feelings. Feelings that during the daytime range from confusion and exhaustion to frustration and moments of perplexity. Yet at night, when a mother looks upon her children as they sleep, those emotions associated with her love for them flood the heart.

It's an almost angelic-like state in those moments.

For me, that's when the guilt and regret from the things that went wrong that day begin to build. Yet it's also the time when the promise of tomorrow being a new day and another chance to get it right ring so true.

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