The Family

The Family

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Discovering Vermont

We spent the past five days traveling through this vast farmland known as Vermont. We've driven through New England towns that evoke images of painted scenes, and here is a glimpse of some of what we were able to do and see along the way:

1. Covered Bridges - We saw only three of the numerous covered bridges in the state. We were able to stop and walk along the side of one, but the other two were drive-by shots.

Jack was so happy to find a trail leading to this during our covered bridge stop.

2. Calvin Coolidge's Birthplace and Grave Site - I knew we would be making a stop in tiny Plymouth Notch to get a look at the 30th president's birthplace.

Coolidge was born in the brown house attached to the building.

He grew up in this beautiful home, located across the street. It was here he was sworn in as president in the middle of the night upon being notified of Warren G. Harding's death.

He is buried in this cemetery, alongside his wife and children, located across the road from his homestead.

3. Vermont Cities - We traveled to both Stowe and Burlington today. We stopped at this outdoor sculpture area in Stowe for some running around and play time.

Flowing brooks from all the mountain snow abound throughout the state. This one was on a trail near the sculptures.

We also happened upon this great cider place in Waterbury, right outside of Stowe, where there was plenty to see and do.

We ended the afternoon in Burlington. Rain was not in the forecast, but upon our arrival it began. We had hoped to take a stroll along the River Walk, but instead happened upon the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. Talk about perfect timing!

And just incase you didn't pick up on it in any of the pictures, Jack is very much into wearing a toboggan right now.

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