The Family

The Family

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I forgot how great a city DC can be with kids.

There's so much to do for free.

There's plenty of green space to walk, run or picnic. We spent Friday strolling around the National Mall.

 We started at the Lincoln Memorial

and took our time past the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial,

the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial

and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (forgot to get a picture there).

In addition to the beauty of it all, there are plenty of benches to rest tired legs. We took advantage of those often.

We eventually made it to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. After visiting the war exhibit and the president exhibit, the little boy was ready to head to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to see some dinosaurs.

Did I mention all of this was free?!?!

On Saturday we spent our morning at the zoo. Free again!

Later, we went back to the Lincoln Memorial to see it at night. It's breathtaking, and these pictures from my tiny digital camera hardly do it justice.

A lot of laughter and good feelings permeate this place when it's dark. It was a stark contrast to the quiet reverence at the memorial during daylight hours.

It was a long walk back to the metro, and little priss was not happy at that point. She wanted her brother to hold her on the way back. Seeing as she is at least half his weight, if not more, the hubby and I assisted with this back-breaking endeavor for a few minutes.

Because we'd been to DC before, we didn't feel the need to visit every site. It was nice to go somewhere familiar because it eliminated the rush to see everything. We took our time and did mostly what the little boy wanted to do, which is why we visited the Lincoln Memorial twice.

DC is also an easy city to navigate without a car. We flew into Reagan airport and hopped on the Metro to get to our hotel. We rode the metro everyday to our points of interest. The card fare is a bit confusing when you aren't used to a subway system, but there were plenty of metro employees willing to offer a helping hand. 

I love this city, and we can't wait to go back. The little boy actually asked on the flight home if we could go back in 10 days. Unfortunately for him, we don't live that close.

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