The Family

The Family

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Note on Where We Stayed

We were in Plains Sunday morning, but we spent Saturday night a few miles up the road in Americus, Ga. at the Windsor Hotel.

This historic hotel can be summed up in one word: accommodating!

We were able to check in early, and the clerk called someone on staff to take us to the Jimmy Carter suite so the little boy could see where the former president sleeps when he stays at the hotel. 

The Carter Suite
The chef in the hotel restaurant fixed a special penne pasta with a homemade marinara (none of which was on the menu) and brought the dish out to the little boy himself.

While I’m on the subject of food, the Cornish hen I had with spaghetti squash and cooked black cherries was delicious. My mother-in-law raved about her rib order. Breakfast the next morning was as good as dinner the night before.

Here’s the little boy pretending he’s drinking coffee like a big boy:)

The elegant lobby and its spacious foyer gave little priss plenty of room to walk and run freely.

Later in the evening, the little boy and his nanny went on an exploring adventure throughout the hotel.

We also enjoyed some treats at Richelle’s bakery and ice cream shop earlier in the day.

After the sweets we walked around the block and visited the few shops that were open. We came across  a fabulous furniture store. I mentioned to my mother-in-law during the car ride that we would need a new sofa soon, so I took finding this place as a sign that maybe we should purchase a couch sooner than I was planning. 

I've warned the hubby that I will be dragging him to the store once the couch finally gives out. Even if the owner is named Snooki (raunchy images of the Jersey Shore popping into your head too?), the store has some fantastic pieces.

There isn’t much to do or see in Americus besides what we did, but it was a perfect one-night trip, especially to celebrate my 34th birthday.

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