The Family

The Family

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's A President Thing

The little boy’s interest in presidents has taken me by surprise.

Sharks, dinosaurs and trucks, sure - those are all typical little boy things.

I’m not complaining. I find American history fascinating. It’s just not something I expected we'd be talking so much about when he was 5.

It's possible it started after we visited Mount Rushmore in May, but I can’t honestly say when this strong desire to know about each president began. 

Whatever the reason, here’s a few things I’ve come across to satisfy his curiosity.

President Books from the library:
We usually have a stack of these to read through. We began reading some of these before visiting Mount Rushmore, so it could be this is how it all started???

A President Puzzle:
He loves puzzles and this one is just the right number of pieces for young children.

President Flash Cards:
I swear I have never drilled him on these. He loves lining them up in order and making us guess the number of each president.
More President Cards in the Form of a Fan: 
His aunt, the hubby's sister, found this for his birthday. I'm still impressed it hasn't been ripped to shreds by little priss yet.
 President Blocks:
I think this is more of an adult collector's toy, but he loves them. Because they are blocks, little priss has some fun with them as well.
And this weekend, we’re going to see a real president!!!!

Sometime Sunday night I’ll be blogging all about it.


  1. Our homeschool curriculum has a song to learn all the presidents' names. If you are interested, look up "classical conversations presidents" on YouTube.