The Family

The Family

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I can recommend a good book.

I can pick out a fabulous outfit.

I love going to a great party.

But I'm not good at hospitality.

Visiting Grandma's house this past weekend got me thinking about creating a more inviting home.

I desire to be a good hostess, but it's not in me. I often spend too much time worrying about what things look like and making sure there's enough to eat that I wear myself out in the process.

Being a guarded and withdrawn introvert has something to do with it as well.  Someone showing up at the spur of the moment throws me off. I'm always apologizing about the mess or worrying about not having a candle lit that could be masking any potentially strange odor.

I'm also not good at small talk. I prefer deeper conversations and that can be hard with children running around.

How to demonstrate hospitality is something I've been pondering the past few days. I'm sure if I look for opportunities to practice, they will present themselves.

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