The Family

The Family

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dinosaur Invasion

We drove an hour south today to Discover the Dinosaurs, a traveling exhibit that made its way to Montgomery, Ala.

I cut off the best part of the ankylosaurus - its tail

It's not a real dinosaur exhibit unless it has at least one T-Rex

A shadow rotating across the floor
Things I liked about it:
1. It gave me a good excuse to get back to Farmhouse Kitchen for lunch. This place serves true Southern food. I had barbeque chicken with pear salad, cabbage, turnip greens and green beans. The little boy had a fried chicken leg, macaroni and cheese and cornbread. Little Priss had Mott's applesause (just incase you were wondering about her).
2. The exhibit was incredibly life-like. The heads and eyes moved, some looked like they were flying and they all let out ferocious roars.
Things I didn't like:
1. This exhibit was a money pit. It cost $25 for me and the little boy to get in. If you wanted to jump on a bouncy, play putt-putt or pan for stones you had to pay extra.
2. Two years ago, the little boy would have been terrified. I noticed several young children crying at the entrance. A few had their feet firmly planted as their parents were trying to coax them in. The website should probably have given a warning about the noise level. Little Priss was fine, but she's never been as sensitive to loud sounds as the little boy always has.
3. The website tried to make it out like buying tickets online was a discount. However, there was a ticket fee for purchasing them online. That fee wasn't charged at the door. Purchasing them online would have been $2 cheaper, but I also noticed the checkout wasn't secure. I opted to wait and get them at the door.

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