The Family

The Family

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Note on Where We Stayed

I booked our flight and hotel through American Express, so I was unsure whether we'd like the location of our hotel or if there would be anything to do nearby. I originally wanted to stay at the same hotel we were at several years ago, but I couldn't remember its name.

We ended up staying at The DuPont Circle Hotel this past weekend and the location was PERFECT! DuPoint Circle is a trendy part of DC with a lot of historic buildings and beautiful architecture.

It's a modern hotel with small rooms, but we weren't in the room enough to be cramped. The only downside to the hotel was it was warm in the room even though the air unit was set to 65 degrees. The upside was that the air constantly ran and provided a soothing sound that blocked a lot of the noise from the street below.

There was a Starbucks and two restaurants directly across the street. We ate at both restaurants twice.

This place, Kramerbooks Afterwords & Cafe, is open 24 hours on the weekends. We ate supper Friday night here, and I had a good butternut squash ravioli. We showed back up the next morning for a delicious breakfast.

RAKU was my favorite. I'm still craving the avocado, cucumber, asparagus rolls.

There was a nearby bakery we visited for breakfast one morning and to buy a loaf of bread to snack on another day (it came in handy at the zoo).

There was also a restaurant in the hotel, but it was super crowded in the evenings. We did eat breakfast in the hotel our first morning, but $67 was a bit more than I'd like to pay for breakfast.

In addition to all the great food nearby, there was a park on the corner. Both kids enjoyed running around there Thursday night, and the little boy and I read and played there Saturday afteroon while little priss napped in the room as her daddy watched football.

I almost forgot to mention the Krispy Kreme store behind the park. The little boy and I gorged on those after returning from the Lincoln Memorial Saturday night. There's no better way to end a night than with a sweet snack!

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