The Family

The Family

Monday, September 3, 2012

For When We're In Need of Some Place Soothing

It's a place we go to physically and emotionally unwind that nourishes our souls.

The hubby's grandparents might think the visit does them a world of good, but that can't compare to what it does for us.

My husband once remarked that being in their home is so reassuring for him because it is the one thing that has been the same since his childhood. It's a place where some of his best memories are still intact.

So while the ever-strong winds of change continue their constant swirl around us, we go to this place of refuge for the sense of comfort found only in the familiar - a place untouched by time and technology.

I've known my husband for 10 years and can remember the first time I visited his grandparent's home. I was as comfortable on that Christmas visit as I am all these years later. That's because Grandma and Grandpa have the kind of home people want to be in.

It's not a luxurious or large home. What makes it so comfortable is it's the home where two of the most pleasant people on the face of this earth reside.

Their home might not ever make the cover of Southern Living, but inside its walls, true southern hospitality is demonstrated.

It's clear others feel the same as we do because everytime I have visited, someone pops in. It's usually friends from church or neighbors checking to see how Grandpa, who is 93, is feeling. Other times people have stopped by for nothing more than a quick chat.

Two of my favorite places in the their home are the sitting room (ideal for any bookworm) and the backyard. 

The well-shaded yard overlooks Pensacola bay.

Little priss and I enjoyed the swing most of all. She couldn' get enough of Grandma and Grandpa's dog. She terrorized loved on her every chance she got.

The little boy had plenty of room to run free. I snapped this shot after he begged, for the bazillionth time, for everyone inside to come out and take a look at the water.

Beautiful, mossy trees line the back and front of the house.

I've never figured out why looking out onto the open sea is so mesmerizing and soothing. Sitting in the breeze and staring at the ocean makes time irrelevant.

It's another of God's wonderful and majestic mysteries we get to enjoy each time we visit Grandma and Grandpa.

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