The Family

The Family

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Villas at Willow Point Golf and Country Club

The children woke up Sunday morning to find their Easter baskets waiting for them at a villa we spent the night in after a wedding on Saturday.

The Villas at Willow Point Golf and Country Club were recommended by the bride's family, and we got a great rate for the overnight stay.

We arrived before the wedding to find this thoughtful goodie bag prepared by the bride and groom that included snacks, drinks, coffee and lots of items that would come in handy:

Here it was their wedding, and they were making sure the guests were taken care of!

I'm sure this place is loads of fun in the summer. It sits on a golf course, surrounds a lake and has tennis and swimming facilities. There is a restaurant on site as well.

I'm not one for huge crowds, so I actually think it would be a good weekend getaway during the winter or early spring. My guess is the prices are likely lower during those times of year. I'm not quite sure if that's why our rate was so reasonable or if it was because the bride's family worked out a deal for wedding guests.

Mattie got a kick out of spinning around in the spacious room, and Jack enjoyed shooting the bow and arrow the Easter Bunny brought.

It was well worth spending the night. We didn't have to rush to leave the reception, and it was fun to wake up Easter morning in a different place. 

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