The Family

The Family

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little People

Lest I forget what they are like at this age - because it's such a blur most days - here's a snapshot of life in this house with an almost two year old and an almost six year old.

I love how her hair swings when she runs.

I love listening to him converse with others.

She likes to pretend she's reading.

He likes to do anything but try to read on his own.

She is already saying most of her ABCs; something her brother would never do.

He likes to get in her face way too much; something his sister finds aggravating.

She screams, he screams. He screams, she screams.

They release mass quantities of crayons, legos, books and clothes all over their mother's floor.

They are her loves, her sidekicks, her traveling companions who make it all worthwhile.

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