The Family

The Family

Monday, April 15, 2013

Feeling the Itch

There are moments when I decide I want to go somewhere ASAP.

While we have a trip to Vermont planned for mid-May, this past weekend I got the itch.


New York was calling.

When Matt came home on Friday for lunch I popped the question.

I assured him I had it all figured out. I was kind enough to not demand an immediate response. A few hours to mull it over would be good enough.

So later that night, after he didn't bring it up once he returned from work, I put on my most sincere smile (and maybe batted my eyelashes a tad) as I asked him if we could go.

His answer was YES!

I was a bit bummed when I couldn't find a return flight with three seats together for the weekend of April 26th. There's no way Jack would sit in between strangers. I'm not sure I would want him to.

One of my main selling points to Matt for this trip had been that we if we went before Mattie turned two, we wouldn't have to buy a ticket for her. Once I thought about it some more I realized we have until July. Sooooo, I booked us all to go for a weekend in June.

To top it off, the hotel was cheaper that weekend anyway.

Major Score!

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