The Family

The Family

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Stables at Russell Crossroads

The wedding we attended Saturday night was in an area of Alabama I didn't even know existed.

It was at the Stables at Russell Crossroads and is about 50 miles from where we live.

Here are the stables:

It's a beautiful location.

There's a market and playground at the entrance. When you crest the hill a restaurant comes into view. Down below that is where the stables sit.

Horses and carriages are all over the place.

Here we are, dressed up and ready to go:

Mattie made sure her presence was known before the ceremony began. Once the groom made his way up front and everything was quiet, she let all the guests know that "everybody poo-poos." It's her latest phrase, and she had to say it twice; you know, incase no one heard her the first time!

Later, at the reception, I was one happy momma when Jack broke it down with me to one of the best wedding dance songs: "Mustang Sally!"

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