The Family

The Family

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Minus One

This weekend we were one short.

At the spur of the moment on Friday, Jack decided to spend the weekend at his Nanny's house.


She's been asking him for years to come home with her, and his response has always been "maybe someday." But on Friday the response was a quick and resounding yes.

That left Mattie an only child for two days.

It was good for me to be able to spend so much alone time with her. The two of us ate lunch at my favorite outdoor cafe yesterday, and afterward went shoe shopping. We walked out of the boutique with three pair. All hers of course. She already has the beginnings of a shoe fetish.

It was good for Jack to be away and have fun with his grandparents. He stayed up super late, ate his fair share of junk food and got to pick out a toy at Target - you know, all the fun stuff that us moms usually say no to!

It was a great weekend for us all, but I sure was ready to hit the road this morning and pick him up. This momma missed him terribly.

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