The Family

The Family

Friday, January 11, 2013

While They Are Little

I wonder how long this latest Netflix movie will sit on the counter before Matt and I are able to watch it? It took us about three weeks on the last one and about two for the movie before that.

Maybe, three years from now, I'll finally get to watch Eat, Pray, Love or the 300 other movies on our queue.

The laundry is piled so on the couch tonight there's nowhere to sit. This happens at least twice a week.

There is usually something, or a whole bunch of somethings, strewn about the house. Something else ALWAYS needs to be cleaned.

These may sound like complaints, especially to someone without young children in the house. But for those of us with little ones running about it's just reality.

I've come to accept that while my kids are small, there's a whole lot of things that will go undone.

I don't want to rush through these years.

I don't want it to go any faster.

I don't want to look back and see only a blur.

I don't want to look back and say thank goodness those days are over. 

I do want them to be little and innocent as long as possible.

I do want to stop what I'm doing more often and take the hand Mattie reaches out for me to hold.

I do want to play hide-and-go-seek more with Jack and let him take more videos with my phone and then laugh along with him as he cracks up watching himself.

Sure, I'm dead tired most days and feel like I'm hanging on by a very thin rope others, but that's just another part of reality when your children are little.

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