The Family

The Family

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Bow for Every Occassion

It's likely you've heard a lot about all the shades of gray.

But what about pink?


Or blue?

 Or all the colors in between?

If you have girls, you know all about accessories. It didn't dawn on me before I had Mattie how many different hues of pink or blue exist or the importance of matching hair accessories for every outfit.

I was a boy mom for almost four years before she came along. I knew a lot about dinosaurs, sharks and trucks, but didn't have much of a clue about all things little girl.

Not only is there a color for just about everything, there's also pattern and size to consider.


I'm happy to report that all the bows she's acquired so far have come from Matt's sister. She's probably the best I know in the accessories department.

The only thing I bought hairwise were these barrettes a few weeks ago from Target. She's beginning to pull the bows apart, and I wanted something less dressy to keep her bangs out of her face on days we are at home.


Did I mention she's not even 2 yet?!?!?!

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